Product Features

Product Features


The Pastoral Care system is a cloud based Church Management system. Since it is cloud based, you can access it on your laptop, PC, smart phone or tablet. In fact, on any device which can access the internet from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the features of the system:

With the pastoral Care system we help you develop closer personal relationships with your new and existing members.

The system makes you aware of new members so that you can start your new member familiarisation program. We believe the way you treat someone when they are new, sets the tone of their stay in your Church. The question is, if someone came to your Church on Sunday, will they return next Sunday? Will you know they were ever there? With Pastoral Care, you can answer this question positively with confidence.

Whilst we as Churches, sometimes fuss about getting new members, many of our existing members go unnoticed. Every person wants to feel special, one way or the other. It is sad when our big days like birthday or anniversary pass and the Church doesn’t even know. With Pastoral Care, you can implement a program to make sure every member is spoken to at least once every year. This is done via highlighting their birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Most Churches rely on pulpit announcements to share information with their members. The reality is, many Sundays people are tuned out during those announcements. Other Churches announce their important things on Facebook. The challenge is, you rely on your members going to Facebook to check. Yet others use WhatsApp to communicate. Beside the challenges of managing a huge WhatsApp group, WhatsApp relies on the user having data on their phone.

The Pastoral Care system helps communicate with your members whether they have data on their cell-phones or not. From the same list, you can SMS, Email your members or do both at the same time. From statistics, more than 95% of SMSes are delivered and read.

You wouldn’t want to counsel or advise a 40 year old like a 20 year old. It will simply be inappropriate. Neither would it be appropriate to guide spiritually someone who is very committed to the Church the same way you do someone who comes twice a year i.e. Easter and Christmas.

However, it is difficult to keep track of member information; their personal details, family, spiritual and participation in events. This same information should be at your fingertips, especially when you are giving one-to-one guidance.

The Pastoral Care system makes it easy for you to access such member information as you speak to them. This can is on your laptop, tablet or cell-phone. In fact via anything which can access the internet.

Living in a country like South Africa makes us by default suspicious when it comes to money. Even in the Church when the subject comes up, subconsciously so does distrust. How can you be transparent with money? How do you give people a good report of their own contribution PLUS how the money is being handled at Church level?

The Pastoral Care system makes it easy to capture pledges/ tithes and print member statements, as often as you want. In addition, you can generate financial reports like income statement and budgets. There are also reports which can help you do in-depth analysis of Church finances.

  • We help you manage meetings and monitor member participation. This is done via the meetings module and the member mobile app.
  • You can flag a pastoral life event for a member like if they are sick, have a new child etc.
  • The system provides you with Church wide information on members, ministries and associations which makes it easy for you to make decisions on what program to launch next.
  • There is no limit to the number of users you can have for the system.
  • You have full control of what users can do or view on the system.

Our Offer for Free Trial

We are running a RISK-FREE-NO-OBLIGATION-SPECIAL-OFFER now. Here is how it works:

  • We offer you a one-month free trial. The purpose of the one-month is for you to evaluate for yourself if the system can help you do the 4 key things which draw and keep people in the Church.
  • For you to be able to fully evaluate the software during the one-month, we collect all the information you have and upload it. That information could be on census forms, existing system or in MS Excel.

After one-month if you realise the system is not adding value, you just inform us and everything stops. However if you like the system then you become our client.