How to build a vibrant faith filled, caring Church Community

About Us

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care system is geared to help you do 4 main things really well. These four things are:

  • Creating a closer relationship with your congregation, by improving the way you receive new people and recognise birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Makes is easier for you to communicate with your members, via SMS, email or both.
  • Provide member specific spiritual guidance or counselling, by giving you easy access to up to date member personal and spiritual information on your laptop, tablet or cell phone.
  • Transparently handle Church money, by issuing member statements and many other Church wide financial reports.

We, at Pastoral Care, believe the above 4 things are what draws and keeps people in the Church. If they are communicated with understanding, love and compassion then it is easier for them to listen to the voice of God. It is also easier for people to support the Church if it transparent about how money is handled.

The Pastoral Care system was developed and is supported locally by a South African company which was established in 2013. The system is being used by a variety of Churches, ranging from those with a few members less than 100 to those with 1000s of members.