Many Pastors and Priests don’t see much value of keeping member records. Is it really important to keep records if the Church is doing okay without any member records right now?

This question is what led to a passionate discussion which happened among pastors. One pastor was adamant that, during the time of Christ there was no record keeping at all. However, the number of disciples was growing. In fact, in Acts of the Apostles, Peter managed to baptise 3,000 people in a day. No records kept!

If the Church survived and grew rapidly, what is the point of worrying about member records now? Why worry about Church administration at all, as the Holy Spirit will continue guiding the Church.

There was an uncomfortable silence due to the passion the pastor had shown in his argument. You could see many pastors didn’t entirely agree to that line of thought.

This was until one old priest gently asked, “Pastor, you are so passionate about this, what scripture references can you use to support your argument?”

When there was none forthcoming, he gently then said; “Let’s not use our dislike of administration to dissuade other people from doing what is right for their Churches”. Thereafter the conversation moved to other safe things.

Personally I wanted to say more, much more! Not really in response to the passionate pastor, but to those who were there disagreeing with the the first pastor, but in their Churches doing nothing.

Here is what I mean. The passionate pastor was not keeping records for his Church for his reasons, no matter how flawed. Most of the other pastors and priests, knew the value of records but were doing nothing about it.

Do you identify with this; you see the value of record keeping but you do not have good records? If you do, here is a solutions for you:

  1. Download Free Forms from here and use
  2. On a Sunday, hand them out for people to complete. Remember people should never take these forms home, because they won’t bring them back.
  3. Download this FREE member register.
  4. Capture all the forms onto the spreadsheet, so that the information is easily accessible.
  5. Subscribe for a FREE Trail Version of the Pastoral Care system, and ask them to upload your member list.
  6. Start to professionally manage your Church.

If you have read to this point, then you should at least commit to do step 1 up to step 4, because all those steps don’t require you spending money.

Is there anything stopping you from starting your data collection? Please share your thoughts.

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What Member Information Should Your Church Keep?

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