Recently I was inspired by a story from one of our Church clients in Hillcrest. They have a system to keep a register of every Church meeting. This includes Sunday service, Cell group or Ministry meetings. This means they know the attendance pattern of every member.

Three weeks of not attending, one of the leaders is already finding out what’s happening in a member’s life. A new member attends service twice, and a leader has already collected data about the family and they are being integrated into the Church.

I was inspired, because they are maximising the use of technology to care for their members. This is what we hope every Church would do; adopt a system which makes it easy to care for members.

But I realised recently that many Churches do not have any good records in place. Maybe you are one of them. How then can you maximise the use of technology for your members?

Today you can start somewhere. Go and download this FREE Member Register spreadsheet we created for you. This will help you start on the right path.

If you feel ready for a fully functional system, please do not hesitate to request a FREE Trial here.

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