One of the big lessons which we, as parents, teach our children is being grateful. It was one huge lesson which was drilled in most of us. Just sad to see young Andile demanding things and the parent or granny helplessly just giving in! Being grateful is a clear sign of being well groomed.

However even though we are well groomed, we fall short in the most unlikely place; the Church. The simple thing we expect our children to do is completely lost to us.

This is as if we want to relive the miracle of 10 lepers in Luke. Only one of them returned to say “Thank you” to Jesus for the healing. Even Jesus asked; “Were 10 not healed?”

Are your Church members not contributing? Do you show gratitude for their sacrifices? Sacrifice and generosity with their time and resources? They deny themselves things in order to support the Church. Is the Church saying “Thank you”? Or is the Church unknowingly behaving like a spoilt child.

After doing your best as a parent of a spoilt brat, all you get are more demands. Those shoes you bought; they are not the brand she likes. Isn’t that similar to our constant demand for more in Church? More time, more money and more people!

You are not to blame for this! Maybe you have the policy that you don’t want the right hand to know what the left hand is doing. In other words, we do not want to acknowledge people based on their giving to the Church.

Honestly speaking, most of the time you are let down by how difficult it is to administer a Church.

How can you say “Thank you” when you don’t know who is contributing? To know who is contributing, you need a bookkeeper to record everything. You don’t have money to employ a full time bookkeeper to just count the money? Or, is there another better way?

It turns out that problem has already been solved. With a system such as the Pastoral Care system, anyone you choose in the Church can capture what people give to the Church. Anyone you choose can capture people’s ministries and participation. Once captured, you can generate personal statements and know how people support the Church.

In one downtown Church, Pastor Andy phones people who support the Church and personally thank them. In another, Ntokozo the admin lady sends out an SMS every month, thanking those who are supporting the Church.

Is your Church behaving like a spoilt brat? Are you thanking people enough for their generosity? What challenges are preventing you from appreciating members more?

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Is your Church behaving as a Spoiled Child?

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