What do you think is your biggest challenge in making improvements in your church?

I have learnt a lot about real challenges faced by churches, while implementing the Pastoral Care system in different Churches. Small congregations, big congregations. Churches in big cities and those in very small towns.

The main challenge lies in plain sight, but very difficult to resolve. It explains why many good programmes fail in your Church.

Pause for a second to think!

Our struggle when we started was; why wouldn’t more Churches quickly adopt an improvement which takes away administrative headaches? Why wouldn’t any Church want to easily communicate with members? Why would people be content living without knowing how the finances of the Church are going? What would be their thinking, if they don’t have any system at all?

It turns out I was I wrong! It’s not only about implementing a computer system! It is also about all the improvements which fail to take off in your Church? Think of those improvements needed in the Church. How was the implementation?

After a bit of reading and soul searching, I came to realise; even if we were to give away everything for free, still many Churches wouldn’t do anything. They simply lack inertia.

Lacking inertia is when people know what they need to do but lack the motivation. There isn’t enough push for them to make any change.

Isn’t this what stops some of the great ideas in your Church? Aren’t you chagrined when this happens?

Did you ever have a great idea fail because of lack of inertia? What did you do to try and get it going?

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The Biggest Challenge you face in Improving Your Church

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