How many SMSes are you receiving these days? Do you take a quick glance at them?

If you are like me, you are receiving plenty of them and you are reading them. Even those ones where “your number has been selected for a R1 million price”. That is why research into effective communication in South Africa shows that more than 90% of messages are opened, compared to only 20% for emails.

This begs the question, how can the Church use the same medium to communicate effectively with members?

Many times you want to contact members with an important message. A member is sick in one cell group. How do you let people know, so they can visit?

There is a leadership meeting tonight, and you really want people to come. What do you do?

Churches use different approaches. Some post it on their Facebook page and they quickly face the reality that not all members go to the Church Facebook page. Other Churches add WhatsApp and emails to the mix, which improves things a little bit. But many members have phones which can’t receive WhatsApp.

My question is, why try something ineffective when, we know SMSes really work?

The only real question is, how can I send SMSes members? Fortunately that question was answered already. It has never been easier!

Effective communication stems from having an effective system which keeps member records. If you have good member records, then you can send SMSes and emails often. In addition, you can pastorally care for your members, based on records you keep.

Thobe does admin for one of the Churches using the Pastoral Care system. The last time I saw her she was like “Yo, yo, yo John! SMSes really work”.

How are you messaging your members currently? You can reply to this email, or go the Pastoral Care Facebook page and comment.

If you want to see what the Pastoral Care system can do for your Church, go to or download a long brochure here.

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How to effectively communicate with members in your Church?

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