Our deepest human yearnings is to be accepted as we are and to be thought well of. This is one of the big reasons why people stay in your Church.

They want to be loved by Christ, yes, but mostly by the leadership and fellow members. Unfortunately, as a spiritual father or leader, they have an expectation of you; that you love them unconditionally!

It is a huge expectation! How is your Church measuring to it?

Me with my 2 girls and son, I struggle to show that every time. It is not always clear I love them, when I’m busy on my laptop or when disappointed by their behaviour.

How much harder it should be for you to do for the whole congregation! You have hundreds or thousands of members mostly strangers brought to your Church by the love of Christ. How do you show through those small acts of appreciation which drive all relationships?

Small actions like remembering their birthday and phoning or messaging them. What if you were to touch every member in your Church at least once a year one-to-one?

What if you were to bless their marriage on its anniversary? What if when you talk to every member you knew their family and what they are doing for the Church? Isn’t that an expression of love, that is, true concern?

These are some of the things a system like the pastoral care system helps you do easily. If left to our own devices, we forget as humans. Worse still we will ONLY remember to congratulate your favourites. Imagine doing that to your own children!

A system with the right information, makes it possible to make you come across as fair and caring. Just like what my 70 year old mother to this day says about my 6 siblings and me; “I love you all the same!”

Do you want your Church to behave like that great and loving parent?

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How Do You Show Love and Appreciation for your Members?
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