The reality is, most Churches are closed to new comers but they think they are open. It is really hard to join many Churches. If you were to imagine yourself walking into your own Church as a new person this Sunday, will you come back the following Sunday? Would you choose it as your new home?

In a few cases, the Pastor/ Priest shakes the new person’s hand after church service and asks a few questions. However, sooner or later a new member is going to be left alone and they walk slowly away, by themselves with no one taking notice. Existing members are all drawn to their own friends and familiar faces in the Church. If the leaders don’t make any concerted effort, it’s no wonder a few weeks later the new person is gone.

Like what Rev Mbatha said the other day, it is like filling a bucket with a hole at the bottom. You see people join with verve and energy, but after a few weeks later they are not coming.

I don’t know what is worse, the member who never comes back or one year later, the member is coming every Sunday but your Church hasn’t spoken to him. No meeting with a priest or pastor. No leader even remembers their name and they are not registered in the Church.

It is not your fault this is happening. If there is no process or system, it is difficult to welcome new people. If you have a system like the Pastoral Care system, integrating new people into the Church is a lot easier. The system helps overcome our human weakness and allows the Church to do something to know new members better.

Click here to see how a system like the Pastoral Care system helps you deal with new comers. If you think it makes sense, you can always request your risk free Trial.

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Is your Church Open & Welcoming to New People?
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