Have you ever wanted to make your sermon sticky? Sticky so that your members remember it. This is worthwhile concern especially given the reality that your sermon is competing against so much ‘noise’ in the world. Noise from social media, television and the busyness of life.

You prepare for your sermons carefully, but how many people can remember it when there is so much going on in their lives. Couple this with results from research into how much people remember. In a recent research, it was found that from a presentation of 20 slides, people only remembered 4 slides. In commenting on these results, researchers concluded that people remember 3 or 4 ideas. The stats from your sermons might be more or less the same, or even worse if you are not using any visual aids or props.

Yes visual aids and props help, but that takes time. How can we maximise the result from what you are already doing? That is, get more results without investing much more time.

Podcasting! I think podcasting will give you the great result. These are better results without you spending much more time or money. In its simplest form, podcasting is recording your sermon and distributing it to your members.

In a cluttered noisy world, repetition is your friend. That is why big companies like Vodacom, MTN or Cell C repeat their adverts. You too can take a leaf from their book, in your own small way.

Let’s take an example of a great sermon I listened to the other Sunday. It was one of those all-time greats about how you should be a living testimony of your faith. It was early morning and the Church was deathly quiet. The Priest opened with an engaging story I had never heard before.

It was about Afghanstan before the cold war and how the leader’s integrity was tested. His elderly mother was caught wantonly breaking the law. Low and behold, my 11 year old daughter is timing the sermon.

After Church when I was chatting to my 11 year old about timing the sermon, a thought crossed my mind. What if, instead of timing she was recording the sermon! Well, the quality would have been terrible. We were sitting in the fourth or fifth pew and with that much background noise, it would be painful to listen to again. But what if the Church just recorded the sermon by default? How much more people would benefit from a world class sermon like that?

It was only 8 minutes long; thanks to my 11 year old. With the current technology, that length of voice recording would be a very small file to distribute. What distribution options are there?

Maybe the Church could post it on their website and Facebook page, for people to listen to. In fact, why stop there? Maybe it could be shared on WhatsApp groups, within the Church. Imagine if you recorded every sermon on Sunday, how much well prepared materials you have for your members. Even further, these sermons could be packaged by topic to teach the faith. What if you partnered with a sister Church to introduce variety? What if your sermons are used to evangelise non-believers?

If you are still following my reasoning you might be thinking; it can’t be that easy! It should be either too hard, too time consuming or too expensive. You might be thinking; you don’t have the time and the Church won’t be supportive or won’t afford. On the contrary, it is my considered view that neither of those worries should concern you.

If you are concerned with complexity, technology has really moved in the right direction in terms of simplicity. You can start with your smart phone. Is time your concern? Why not task the youth in your Church. They can record, edit and distribute the sermon. As you can see, it won’t cost anything to start; which is the critical part.

Are you recording your sermons already? If yes, please share your experience below.

Are you planning to start your own blog? If yes, please share your fears below. If no, also share what’s stopping you.

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How to make your sermon stick using technology

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